Change Your Mindset to the Right Fit Method, Then Your Life Will Flourish!

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Name the Brand: $47 million annually; 52 workdays. How?

April 30, 2015

Tags: intriguing brand, fascinating person, boost your brand, executive leaders, unparalleled success, name brand, Dr Arlene, business consultant, career coach, branding strategies, Right Fit Method, iBrandU4Hire

On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene reveals the television personality who earns $47 million annually and only works 52 days; a fascinating person with an intriguing brand. This name brand’s success is not accidental. The creation, orchestration, and implementation of this brand would make a compelling case study in business schools. This name (more…)

Leaders: Hire Right Fit Employees to Explode Business Brand

March 26, 2015

Tags: brand ambasssador, brand fits, wrong fit, cultural fits, business brand, business strategist, career brand, career strategist, hiring decisions, dr arlene, leaders, executive leaders

On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene says, “When hiring, stop focusing on the Cultural Fit. Instead evaluate the Brand Fit.” If new hires are Cultural Fits but not Brand Fits, they are Wrong Fit employees. To explode your business brand, train each employee to become a Brand Ambassador.

To do that, you (more…)

Executive Leaders Boost Your Brand: 5 Unique Branding Strategies for Success

February 19, 2015

Tags: boost my brand, unique branding strategies, Dr. Arlene, business strategies, career strategies, career management, career strategist, branding strategist, brand my career, brand my business, executive leaders, achieve unparalleled success

On the WIN Without Competing! Show Dr. Arlene introduces to Executive Leaders a new mindset and five unique branding strategies to master and implement in unison to achieve unparalleled success. Dr. Arlene created the winning mindset and combination of different strategies based on client research, interaction with name brand leaders, and her own professional (more…)

Boost your Brand: Boardroom Seminars for Executive Leaders

September 16, 2014

Tags: leadership, corporate entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneur, entrepreneur, solo entrepreneur, entrepreneurial spirit, business strategist, branding, executive leaders, brand, entrepreneurship

On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene introduces Boardroom Seminars for Executive Leaders.

The three seminars are:

1. Corporate Entrepreneurship for Executive Leaders
2. Solo Entrepreneurship for CEOs
3. Solutions for Executive Leaders in Limbo

Dr. Arlene says:

"Plan ahead, invest in yourself to boost your brand and put the professional pieces in place for 2015. If (more…)