Change Your Mindset to the Right Fit Method, Then Your Life Will Flourish!

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Leaders: Hire Right Fit Employees to Explode Business Brand

March 26, 2015

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On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene says, “When hiring, stop focusing on the Cultural Fit. Instead evaluate the Brand Fit.” If new hires are Cultural Fits but not Brand Fits, they are Wrong Fit employees. To explode your business brand, train each employee to become a Brand Ambassador.

To do that, you (more…)

Take Off Like a Rocket! 5 Success Strategies

April 17, 2014

Tags: leaders, business, Career Success, branding, passion, unparalleled, business strategist, career strategist, business consultant, career coach, employee, corporate entrepreneur, solo entrepreneur, small business owner

Take Off Like a Rocket! 5 Success Strategies

On episode 86 of the WIN Without Competing! show, Dr. Arlene introduces 5 success strategies extraordinaire. Get ready to take off like a rocket and sustain the momentum. (more…)

Pursue Corporate Entrepreneurship for Success Extraordinaire

February 26, 2014

Tags: success, corporate, Entrepreneur, Marty Sklar, Walt Disney, business solutions, strategy salons for corporate entrepreneneurs, leaders, brand, creative, executive leadership

On the WIN Without Competing! show, Dr. Arlene will discuss the unlimited potential for unparalleled success as a corporate entrepreneur, popularly referred to as an “intrapreneur.” As an employee, you can be the catalyst for innovation inside your company! (more…)