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118 Unique WIN Without Competing! Podcasts

which Dr. Arlene created

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Dr. Arlene's Radio Show Picks

Here are the 2012 shows that Dr. Arlene recommends:

Unique Interview Strategies that Work: Your ISIQ is?

On WIN Without Competing! Dr. Arlene wants to find out your Interview Strategy IQ by giving you her ISIQ Quiz. Then, she will reveal her unique interview strategies that work. Constantly teaching these strategies on the radio show, to coaching clients, and at seminars, Dr. Arlene continues to create more interview techniques for her toolbox to help you. Why? A job interview is a highly complex interaction. To succeed, you must master her interview strategies to convince the employers to HIRE YOU. Curious? Be sure to read Dr. Arlene’s newsletter and sign up.

Persuade Decision-Makers(DM) to HIRE YOU. Your DMIQ is?

On WIN Without Competing! Dr. Arlene will reveal what YOU need to do to Persuade Decision-Makers to HIRE YOU.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know how to dazzle employers and receive multiple offers? The key is your DMIQ. Take Dr. Arlene's DMIQ Quiz and discover your DMIQ. You need a high DMIQ to capture the position that YOU want.

You can do it, if you are ready to change your behavior right now. Dr. Arlene will tell you how. It's all up to YOU!

Pick Powerful Words that Work

On WIN Without Competing! Dr. Arlene will talk about the impact of picking powerful words that work to achieve specific objectives.

Do YOU want a job offer?

Do YOU want a promotion?

Do YOU want to grow your business?

Then, imagine achieving your dream using Dr. Arlene’s powerful words that work. Tune in and make those words YOURS. Then, visualize the results and proceed!

Not sure how to do this? Talk to ME! Call Dr. Arlene at 310-443-4277.

Oops, I have no brand!

On WIN Without Competing!, Dr. Arlene will talk about the tools of branding individuals and businesses. Many make the erroneous assumption that professionally prepared resumes, bios, and videos present their brand. Not necessarily so.

If you have a business website, do not assume that offering discounts and coupons will display your brand. The 99 Cent Store is the exception, of course.

To succeed in your job search or business, YOU need a brand that clearly differentiates YOU from others. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to present yourself as ONE of a kind? Yes, it’s possible. Tune in to learn how.

Unveiling the Number ONE Blockbuster Business and Career Strategy for 2012!

On WIN Without Competing! Dr. Arlene will unveil the number ONE business and career strategy for 2012, which you must implement immediately to achieve career success. Dr. Arlene, with her co-host Michael Yurchak, Award-Winning Actor and Voice Over Artist will inspire, motivate, and energize YOU to take charge of yourself. Never feel stuck again!
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