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Disclosing Name of Job Seeker who WINS the 2009 Right Fit Award

Los Angeles, CA (barro global search, inc.) April 21, 2009. Founder and CEO Dr. Arlene Barro conducted a nationwide search to find the Right Fit Winner who has been unemployed for six or more months, not read Dr. Arlene’s book WIN Without Competing! Career Success the Right Fit Way nor listened to her radio show. The failed job search strategies of the winner include blasting resumes from Burbank to Bombay. The winner represents the millions of unemployed who are using the same ineffective strategies. Long term unemployment is the result. It’s time to stop taking the Shotgun Road with no destination and switch to the Right Fit Road and hear “You’re Hired.”

In our current economic situation both employees and entrepreneurs should be ready to implement the Right Fit Method in case the ax should fall. New grads entering the workplace with few or no accomplishments need a new way to find a job.

To select the winner, barro global search, inc. did not compare and contrast contestants to identify the best. Instead, we focused on finding one unemployed person who matched the Blueprint of the Right Fit. Wondering why the winner is the Right Fit not the Best?

The Winner
Nat Bothwell, MBA: The Winner of the 2009 Right Fit Award is 38 years old, a bank employee for 12 years after receiving his MBA, who was given two hours notice before losing his job on May 9, 2008 as the corporate Executive Vice President of Marketing of ANB Bancshares in Bentonville, Arkansas, one of the first banks in the country to close its doors, which included 12 locations. At its peak, the Bank had 2+ billion in assets.

Nat is not only searching for the Right Fit Job but also could be searching for the Right Fit spouse or significant other. He lives with his four-year-old dog Tanner who is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

The Winner WINS
Wednesday, April 22 at 5pm PDT On the WIN Without Competing! show featured on BlogTalkRadio, Dr. Arlene will coach Nat live on how to implement her Right Fit Method (he will be able to apply the Method to find the Right Fit spouse or significant other too) and walk with him down the Right Fit Road. It is up to Nat to change his behavior and get himself ready to hear “You’re Hired.” Dr. Arlene and her listeners will follow and encourage Nat on his journey until he succeeds. Then barro global search, inc. will name Nat the WIN Without Competing! Man and present him with an engraved gift with his new title. From that point forward the phrase “Remember Nat” will remind job seekers to use the Right Fit Method and WIN.

How to Listen to the Show
To Listen Live on Wednesday, April 22 at 5pm PDT:
Call 347-308-8200
Go directly to the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Dr-Arlene-Barro-/2009/04/23/WIN-Without-Competing-with-Dr-Arlene-Barro

To Listen Archived (Available on April 22 at 7pm PDT or after):
Go directly to the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Dr-Arlene-Barro-/2009/04/23/WIN-Without-Competing-with-Dr-Arlene-Barro

About Dr. Arlene Barro
WIN Without Competing! is the life mantra of Arlene R. Barro, PhD, a UCLA-trained educator, educational psychologist and a nationally recognized search consultant and career coach. Dr. Arlene’s Right Fit Method, the subject of her book WIN Without Competing! (Foreword by Tom Lombardo, Founding Editor-in-Chief, WebMD), nominated for a business book award, is the key to capturing employer attention and hearing “You’re Hired.”

Creator of the Right Fit Method
Arlene R. Barro, PhD 310-441-5305

Winner of the 2009 Right Fit Award
Nat Bothwell, MBA 479-903-1739

Please arrange interviews for Thursday, April 23 or after.
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