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Personal Talk at an Interview

Dr. Arlene, Creator of the Right Fit Method.

Between you and me, I have observed that candidates talk too much about their personal lives during interviews. Here’s one exception: if you need to relocate to take a new position and you have specific needs such as your spouse must find a position concurrently, then your personal life becomes part of your

blueprint in determining whether you will accept the new position. Otherwise, keep your personal life private. You do not want this to become a distracter, which could pose opportunities for employer objections.

Cynthia’s story: A hospital HR director shared Cynthia’s story with me which you can mentally file to remember: keep the personal talk and information to a minimum. Here we go. Cynthia stunned the hospital human resources department when she arrived with a notebook for each HR professional. Can you guess what was inside? I don’t think so. You won’t believe it. An indepth medical history of the candidate’s personal health filled page after page of each notebook. Unfortunately, Cynthia had had a wide array of health issues, none of which interested the HR department. Need I say more?

Between you and me, unnecessary personal chatter and information can kill your chances of getting a job offer. Talk less, listen more and read between the lines.

To be the Flawless Fit at an interview, you must understand how the employer thinks.

Curious about how to do this? If you are based in the greater Los Angeles area, be sure to attend my seminar How to Become the Flawless Fit!

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We are located in Westwood, within walking distance of UCLA and seconds from the 405 Wilshire East exit.

Cost: $49.00
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Not based in Los Angeles?
Arrange a 45-minute or 60-minute conversation with
Dr. Arlene to figure out what your distractors could be. If you are not going out on interviews or going out on interviews and not getting offers, perhaps you are unknowingly distracting employers from focusing on what you could accomplish for them.

To arrange your conversation, email Dr. Arlene at drbarro@winwithoutcompeting.com or call 310-443-4277. You will receive her book WIN Without Competing!: Career Success the Right Fit Way and The Flawless Fit Checklist. The appointment must be arranged on or before November 24th and take place before December 16th.

Remember what Edwin C. Bliss said:
"Yesterday is a canceled check: Forget it. Tomorrow is a promissory note: Don't count on it. Today is ready cash: Use it!"

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