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Embrace the Success Mindset

Dissatisfied with your business or career success?
Embrace the Success Mindset.

Focus on yourself?

It’s very important to train yourself to do that which is not necessarily comfortable for you to do. That means you cannot keep asking yourself how you feel about “this” or “that.” For example, I love cold calling. I uttered this statement on a CBS radio show and was flooded with phone calls. The callers were eager to learn more about my passion for cold calling.

Some explained that they were so uncomfortable making cold calls that they broke out in a cold sweat. What about YOU?

Understand the Employer’s or Client’s Perspective.

To achieve business or career success, you must understand the other side: the client or the employer. To do that, you need to speak with them. Note that I did not suggest emailing. See my March 1st newsletter: Are you hiding behind the veil of email?

The purpose of the conversation is to figure out whether you and the client or employer are Right Fits for each other. To do that, you must be able to use my Pick, Probe and Pitch Broadcast. Not sure how to do this? Talk to Me!

Remember that the key component of the success mindset is to do what’s necessary to convince the client or employer that you are the Right Fit. Forget about your discomfort and focus on mastering the strategies that will lead to success.

A Conversation with Dr. Arlene

Arrange a 45-minute or 60-minute conversation with Dr. Arlene to discuss her business or job search strategies including Create and Implement the Right Fit Blueprint, Interview without Resume or Introduction and to master the mindset of Manage the Process and the Pick, Probe, and Pitch broadcast. And of course, you must Master the Number ONE Blockbuster Business and Career Strategy for 2012!

Oops, I have no brand! No brand? Let's talk!

Hiding Behind the Veil of Email? Dr. Arlene is a cold call away.

To arrange your conversation, call Dr. Arlene at 310-443-4277. You will receive her book WIN Without Competing!: Career Success the Right Fit Way. The appointment must be arranged on or before March 20th and take place before March 30th.
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