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Answer the Unasked Question at an Interview

Answer the Unasked Question at an Interview

What is an unasked question?

At an interview, YOU must figure out what the employer is really asking you. I have observed that candidates frequently assume that the "Asked Question" is the one that needs to be answered. Not necessarily so. YOU need to learn how to read between the lines and then respond accordingly.

Do YOU know how to read the employer?

It is amazing how often candidates shoot themselves in the foot when they answer questions. Unknowingly, they are not responding to the real question which is not directly stated but implied.

If I have just described YOU, we need to talk. Remember, it's up to you to read between the lines and take charge of the interview. Do you know how to do both? If you do not, it will be extremely difficult to land a new position.

Do you have examples of how you shot yourself in the foot? If so, please email them to me, and I will select some of your experiences to include in future newsletters. Email me.

A Conversation with Dr. Arlene

Arrange a 45-minute or 60-minute conversation with Dr. Arlene to discuss her business or job search strategies including Create and Implement the Right Fit Blueprint, Interview without Resume or Introduction and to master the mindset of Manage the Process and the Pick, Probe, and Pitch broadcast. And of course, you must Master the Number ONE Blockbuster Business and Career Strategy for 2012!

Oops, I have no brand! No brand? Let's talk!

Pick Powerful Words that Work. Learn how.

Are YOU walking down the Wrong Road or No Road expecting something new to happen? Let's discover the Right Road together.

Understand the Unasked Question, stop shooting yourself in the foot, and take charge of the interview.

Hiding Behind the Veil of Email? Dr. Arlene is a warm call away.

To arrange your conversation, call Dr. Arlene at 310-443-4277. You will receive her book WIN Without Competing!: Career Success the Right Fit Way. The appointment must be arranged on or before April 20th and take place before April 30th.
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