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Persuade Decision-Makers to HIRE YOU

Persuade Decision-Makers to HIRE YOU

Eliciting the job offer that YOU want is a complex task. I have observed that those who are dazzled with multiple offers can do the following:

  • Exude confidence in themselves

  • Identify the decision-makers quickly

  • Establish rapport early in the interview process

  • Anticipate objections and eliminate them at the initial interview

  • Read between the lines and effectively use that information

I hope that I have piqued your curiosity. I have a lot more to say about how to Persuade Decision-Makers(DM) to HIRE YOU. Listen to my April 25th radio show at 5pm PT.

Be sure to tune-in and find out what your DMIQ is. To do that, take my DMIQ Quiz.

You need a high DMIQ to capture the position that you want. Wouldn't it be wonderful if employers were pursuing YOU?

Talk to you on April 25th!
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