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Got branding?

Botched Branding: Obama, Romney and YOU? Solution!

As a Branding & Hiring Expert I am astounded that neither Obama nor Romney has succeeded in effectively broadcasting his brand to convince voter-employers to hire him. Both candidates assume that we need to see and hear them for many months to make a decision. That assumption is erroneous. The candidates and their campaigns trip over themselves with distractors and objections. The result: botched branding. Right Fit Branding is the solution.

Got branding?

“Every job seeker needs a personal brand. But that’s not enough. That brand must be the Right Fit Brand for employers.” -- Dr. Arlene Barro

No interviews? No job offers? Wrong job offers? I have the perfect solution – a distinct recognizable and intriguing brand. Employers must grasp your brand in a flash. Your brand has two sides like a coin: the written script (resume) and the verbal broadcast (interview). Do you have a brand? Have you branded both sides of your brand to convince employers to hire you? Let’s find out.

I created the app iBrandU4Hire: Rate Your Brand Zero to Hire for you to evaluate the power of your brand. To do that, visit the app store and download my app. If you do not have an “iDevice”, I have a solution.

Remember, resumes and interviews advertise your brand. To capture the right job, you must communicate that brand flawlessly. It’s easier than you think. Keep in mind that the last quarter of the year is the hiring and firing season. Make the last quarter benefit you.

Goodbye for now!
Dr. Arlene
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