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Leaders: Contemplating Leaving Your Job? (Without Another?!)

I find it remarkable how many leaders leave their positions without having a place to go. Suddenly unemployed, they contact my company, barro global search, inc. to seek my council as a branding & hiring expert and search consultant. I speak with leaders from a wide array of sectors. After listening to their stories, I frequently conclude that these leaders did not set the stage to make themselves indispensable. We make the erroneous assumption that almost everyone is disposable. Not necessarily so.

Leaders must create a distinct, intriguing, and recognizable brand to express their value to an organization. Selling that brand consistently is the key to longevity with the same employer, as long as the leader’s results are noteworthy.

Strive for the flawless fit. Selecting the Right Fit position is crucial. Prior to accepting a position, carefully evaluate the fit to determine whether it is flawless. Not the Right Fit? Then turn down the Wrong Fit position. If you accept it, an early departure could be imminent.

What if your flawless fit suddenly turns sour? Most of the time, red flags appear. Watch for those signs when you assume your new position. Act immediately. Do not ignore them. They will not go away. It is highly likely that they will multiply.

If, for example, you have relationship issues, figure out what you need to do to resolve them. To succeed, you may need to implement clever strategies.

Getting ready to start a new leadership position? Now is the time to create a plan to demonstrate the impact of your brand by the end of year one. During your first quarter, turn this plan into a five-year plan. Be sure to incorporate your strategies for communicating the results that were achieved under your direction. Carefully observe the response to your communications. Watch for the naysayers and manage them. Persuade with humor. Use laughter to build camaraderie and adjust the cultural fit.

To inspire you to recognize the importance of your brand and whether its effective in your job search, Dr. Arlene developed the app iBrandU4Hire: Rate Your Brand Zero to Hire.

To discuss your job and career challenges, arrange a telephone appointment to speak with Dr. Arlene by calling 310-443-4277.

Brand yourself for career success!
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