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Don’t Quit Your Job: Fix the Fit

On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene will interview two of her clients who succeeded in Fixing the Fits in high stress work situations, which had made them physically sick. The listeners will learn how to implement Dr. Arlene’s Right Fit Branding Strategies to significantly improve their work situation and environment to set the stage for career success in 2015.

Dr. Arlene says, “You do not want to be one of the 30 million employees who walk out in 2014. Why? You will be suddenly unemployed. Instead, figure out why your job is the Wrong Fit, perhaps, you can stay.”

Dr. Arlene will ask her guests these questions: Did you…

1. select a Wrong Fit position expecting it to be the Right Fit?
2. accept a Wrong Fit job unknowingly, not seeing the red flags?
3. accept a Wrong Fit job knowingly, without any commitment?
4. select a Right Fit position that turned sour?
5. pick the best job, which turned out to be the worst job?

Understanding why you are in a Wrong Fit situation is a critical component to the solution. Learning how to analyze your work situation and selecting the Right Fit Branding Strategies to Fix the Fit could eliminate the need to quit.

You do not need to join the 30 million and become suddenly unemployed. Instead, change your mindset and transform not only your career but also your life. To contact Dr. Arlene to discuss your situation, call her office (310) 443-4277.
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