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WIN Without Competing!

WIN Without Competing! Career Success The Right Fit Way

From the Foreword
...I hired forty candidates from Dr. Barro, my exclusive search consultant. She filled the openings on my staff in three countries. Together, we built WebMD to its current status as the Internet's most visited healthcare site with 230 million page views per month. --Tom Lombardo, Founding Editor-in-Chief of WebMD

WIN Without Competing! was published in the United States and in India by Macmillan.

WIN Without Competing! was nominated for a Business Book Award.

Product Description

More than 15 million people are currently unemployed. Those who blast their resumes from Burbank to Bombay could remain unemployed for many years because the competition mindset won’t work in today's economic environment.

In WIN Without Competing! Dr. Arlene Barro introduces a new mindset. In her world, “best” does not exist, the focus is on identifying The Right Fit, using a blueprint of criteria that the job seeker creates to determine if a potential job is The Right Fit. Dr. Barro teaches the job seeker how to:

1. Determine if a job is The Right Fit by matching the requirements of a job description to the blueprint
2. Convince the employer that you are The Right Fit, if that is in fact the case, by using a unique set of strategies
3. Stop the employer from interviewing lots of candidates because they have found the one Right Fit – You
4. Gradually negotiate with the employer your desired compensation before you are officially offered the job

Dr. Barro presents The Right Fit Method in an unusual style, using fascinating true-life stories of people she’s helped and real stories that people wrote her about their careers and personal lives. Perhaps your career success story will be in her next book!

Dr. Barro is compassionate on one hand, but no-nonsense on the other. She builds your confidence by debunking outmoded notions and focusing your career search on you and what you have to offer to the right employer. Her refreshingly straightforward, step-by-step 'Right Fit Method' enables you to adopt new career strategies that will change your life. WIN Without Competing! is a lifetime companion that will guide you to your first big position and coach you through all the changes in your career.


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