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Business Consulting


Dr. Arlene creates distinctive brands

to direct the trajectory of businesses,

organizations, and individuals.


She advises a wide array of business owners who are at different stages of evolution:

    • Starting up... putting the pieces in place


    • Struggling...  tottering and uncertain about next steps


    • Stagnating... stuck and no definitive plan


    • Sprinting...    moving at top speed but not necessarily reaching the goals

To build a distinctive, intriguing, and recognizable business brand which sets the stage for unparalleled success, Dr. Arlene analyzes the core function of a business to capture its essence.

Whether You Are
            Starting up
                                  Or Sprinting,

Dr. Arlene will create Right Fit Business Solutions for internet, print, and verbal communications to maintain a consistent brand to capture Right Fit customers.




Planning to hire staff? Train staff? Reorganize staff? Right Fit employees are essential to business success. Dr. Arlene will mentor you on how to find Right Fits and provide the services of barro global search, inc. for hiring and training.


Searching for unparalleled business success?


Call Dr. Arlene: 310-443-4277
to arrange a time to speak about the Right Fit Business Solutions for YOU.


Experiencing business stress?
Use Right Fit Branding Strategies.
"Strategy replaces stress!"
-- Dr. Arlene