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Hear "You're Hired" During a Recession It's All Up To You

You’ve been told how to dress for an interview. The big day is here. You look in the mirror and say, “I look great.” That’s fine, but are you really ready to go on stage? An interview is a performance: like it or not. Let’s get you ready to go on stage. The interview game you’re going to play is called WIN Without Competing. To WIN, master a set of strategies incorporated in the Right Fit Method which are the rules of the game.

Here’s how to use the Right Fit Method to de-mystify three disastrous myths and shine during the interview.
Myth 1: Employers prefer to interview candidates who are quiet, non-assertive, and unobtrusive.
Right Fit: Employers are not looking to hire robots. They want to hire Right Fits. Walk into the interview with a brisk pace to show that you are energetic, goal directed, and enthusiastic. During the interview, do not sit like a bump on a log waiting for the employer to extract the information like a dentist extracts a tooth. Speak up! It’s all up to you.

Myth 2: Employers prefer to take charge of the interview.
Right Fit: Not really. You must to take charge of the interview to show that you are assertive, dynamic, and enthusiastic. The employer needs to visualize you doing the job. Volunteer information about yourself to communicate why you are the Right Fit for the job. Think of yourself as the “seller” and the employer as the “buyer.” Ask questions to learn more about the position. Then, take what you learned and demonstrate how you match the specs. It’s all up to you.

Myth 3: Employers expect you to answer every question that they ask and you must respond quickly. Read More 
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Find the Right Fit Job with Zero Competition! It's All Up to You

Seeking a new job during a recession is a daunting task. Maybe not. It’s up to you. Figure out if you should pursue the same career. Perhaps you love your career but want to change industries. Don’t say that’s not possible. Of course it’s possible. It’s all up to you. Change your mindset to embrace possibilities. Explore without restraints. Get in touch with your career passion.

When you are ready to begin your job search, here’s how to use the Right Fit Method to de-mystify three disastrous myths of the search:
Myth 1: Employers usually have a clear picture of the position they’re trying to fill. Employers usually like to see a parade of candidates to compare and contrast them to figure out the “best” candidate to hire.
Right Fit: Stop the shopping: Your goal is to stop the employer from looking at lots of candidates. Ask the employer targeted questions so that you can create a blueprint of the Right Fit candidate. Explain how you match the specs. Be clear and precise when you broadcast your fit.

Myth 2: Calling companies about a job opening is a big mistake. It’s absolutely necessary to call companies to find out more information about the open position. You do not have to follow the standard procedure which many companies ask you to follow. Here it is. “Send your resume first and we will call you, if interested.” You’re not in the military. Be creative.
Right Fit: When you call a company about a specific position, find out to whom the position reports and ask to speak to that person. Try to arrange a phone appointment, if that person is not available. When you make contact, ask questions to determine if you are the Right Fit and arrange an in-person interview, if the fit is right. Read More 
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