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A Personal Message From Dr. Arlene, The Creator and Talk Show Host of the WIN Without Competing! Podcast

I invite you to listen to my fascinating interviews

of Anne Edwards and Stephen Citron,

who I met at the Authors Guild events

in Los Angeles.


After I interviewed them, I received an autographed

copy of their book THE INN AND US.

I could not put down their book!




Anne Edwards, Celebrity Biographer and Pulitzer Prize Nominee

for her biography of Early Reagan; Married to Stephen Citron


Remembering Anne Edwards, 96 the Queen of Biography

August 20,1927 - January 28, 2024

Past President of the Authors Guild


Anne had an extraordinary life. As a child, she played
Inside Chasen's restaurant, a celebrity hangout in Beverly Hills.
Meeting Judy Garland and others ignited her interest
in the arts. She became a child actress, then screenwriter,
biographer and novelist. When Judy Garland died, she left
all her personal papers to Anne, requesting that she write
her biography. When I interviewed her on my podcast,
Anne became emotional when she explained how difficult
It was to decide what should be included, recognizing
that she was entrusted to make The Right Fit Decisions.

Anne loved to cook. I was shopping at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills
when I saw Anne. She was planning a dinner party for her husband Stephen,
Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks. After both men lost their wives, they
became weekly dinner guests which resulted in a songfest.
Stephen played the piano and all three men sang.
I visualize Mel Brooks 97 recalling those memorable evenings!

Be sure to listen to my to my fascinating interview of Anne Edwards.

"The Anne Edwards Brand of Celebrity Biography"





Stephen Citron, Authority Extraordinare on Musical Theater

and Best-Selling Author; Married to Anne Edwards


Remembering Stephen Citron, 89
Authority Extraordinaire on Musical Theater
February 10,1924-March 5, 2013


I met Stephen Citron and Anne Edwards at an Authors Guild
Meeting, The Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. Stephen and I
started chatting about my WIN Without Competing podcast.
He whispered that I needed to talk with his wife Anne whose family
had owned Chasen's Restaurant in Beverly Hills, a Frank Sinatra favorite.
Then, he introduced me to the famous Anne, never mentioning his brand.

Stephen had a fabulous life. Like Anne, he found his career passion
when he was a child. He was a musical genius. At an early age, he would
listen to Beethoven. Then, he would sit down at the piano and play what he had heard.
Many years later, he was graduated from The Juillard School. He established music
studios at Carnegie Hall where he became a prominent teacher. Just the beginning!

He was a biographer, composer, and lyricist who wrote critically acclaimed
books about musical theater. Stephen wrote songs for Liza Minnelli, Dory Previn,
Edith Piaf. He spent time in Paris accompanying Piaf on the piano. He loved to entertain!
Then, he decided to return to the USA to fulfill a dream. In Massachusetts, he purchased
a huge 1847 farmhouse which became an inn in the Berkshire Hills near the Tanglewood
Music Festival featuring Leonard Bernstein. Stephen met Anne and love bloomed.
They tell the story of the inn named Orpheus Ascending in their delightful
book THE INN AND US published by Random House.
Stephen Citron and Anne Edwards were The Right Fit Couple!

Be sure to listen to my fascinating interview of Stephen Citron.

"Stephen Citron: Authority Extraordinare on Musical Theater"